Thursday, September 27, 2007

Seoul Grand Park - Seoul Land

On Monday, Krista and I went to Seoul Grand Park to visit Seoul Land with John and Christie. As Chuseok was going on, it was 50% off for foreigners at the park! We each paid 14,000W or $14, and there were few people and no huge lines! It was the best day so far in Korea!

The Seoul Land was opened in May 1988 right before the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games as one of the representative Theme Parks in Korea. Under the 5 different themes, Seoulland created 5 theme places in the name of World Plaza, Samchulli Land, Tomorrow Land, Fantasy Land and Adventure Land. Each place has its own characteristics for the theme and provides a lot of different amuesment facilities, performances, exhibitions and events including flower festivals of tulips, cherry blossoms and mums in different seasons. It is basically the Disney Land of Korea!

Click here to see their interactive site

The enterance gates to Seoul Land

Map of Seoul Land

Here is a list of the various rides in Tomorrow Land and Fatansy Land. (you should be able to click on any photo to enlarge it)

Main walkway past the main gates

We're not sure what this says, probably Seoul Land or some sort of welcome.

This was taken looking in to a well, recognize it? It's from the movie The Ring, scary!

People in Korea have very busy days, children sometimes have lessons untill midnight, so people sleep where ever they can. Seoul Land must have tired this guy out, good thing the people on either side of him don't seem to mind, oh wait....

Christie and Krista...3,2,1...

..........blast off!

this girl didn't fare so well on the ride....

Jon and Krista

Seoul Land dressed up for Halloween!

Jon went on Sky X with John and Christie, which cost 25,000W. On Sky X they strap you into a harness and then they pull you up into the sky, about 18 stories, then, with a pull of the rip cord you free-fall for an experience similar to skydiving and hang-gliding and swing between the towers at almost 60 mph!

We had a wonderful time at Seoul Land but it all started out with a little ride called Black Hole 2000. This was the first big roller coaster Jon ever went on, and he wasn't aware that you went upside down till we were going up the first hill.

Here is a clip for you to enjoy and feel like you were at Seoul Land!