Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baseball in Tokyo

The same day we arrived in Tokyo our friend Aja, whom we were staying with, bought us tickets to a baseball game. We went to watch the Yakult Swallows play the Hanshin Tigers. Unfortunately it was raining that night, fortunately there were plenty of beer kegs around!

We were at Jingu Stadium with Aja and her co-worker Steve (he met us at the subway station and took us to Aja’s place). Even though it was raining we still had a great time there. It was a fun experience watching the Japanese cheer on their team with their dances and chants.

Empty stadium due to the rain

Swallows Baseball 04 [1280x768]

Swallows Baseball 01 [1280x768]

Swallows Baseball 02 [1280x768]

Green beer kegs carried on backs to keep our cups full and us happy!

Swallows Baseball 03 [1280x768]

Here is a video of Krista and I on the megatron screen, the 7th inning stretch dance and some regulars cheering on the Swallows (Click here to watch the video if you’re viewing via email).

Gooooooooo Swallows!!