Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Halloween at school

Well sorry about the late posting, but here are a few shots from our wonderful Halloween we had at school! It was an all day event at school with many different activities for the kids, and a nice dinner and some soju for the teachers afterwards, yes we all changed out of our costumes first!


Mr. Cho our manager

All of the princess came out!

Whats in the bucket, brains, eyes, fingers, and guts!

What would be Halloween without Capt Jack?

Mummy Wrap!

Face painting!


Pin the nose on the Witch


Painting pumpkins

Crazy Monkey spider toss!

We had a haunted house, so we had to turn the entire gym into a haunted house! First we lined the walls with garbage bags, then hung walls out of felt from the ceiling, added lots of spider webs, some coffins, bodies, a scary movie, and a witch, add black lights and a strobe light, and viola! you have a haunted house!

The stars of the haunted house!


The Evil Queen and a ghost

and a nun!

Lights on!

Lights off!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Korean Folk Village

On October 21st, some of our Korean friends took us to the Korean Folk Village. We took the subway to Suwon Station Line 1, and took a 30 minute shuttle bus to the village.

This rock pile is similar to a wishing well. People would write their wishes on a small piece of cloth and tie them to the rope on this rock pile.

Julia and Krista

This was the entrance to the Folk Village, these statues are the guardians of the village.

These people were renewing their wedding vows.

Before we toured the village, our group went to have a traditional Korean meal for lunch. We had Kimchee Jjigae and Pajeon, which is an amazing sort of pancake, dotorimuk, which is acorn jelly, and very tasty if you can pick it up with your chop sticks and traditional Korean Wine.

Our Korean friends leaning on a gate at a traditional home. The bars on the fence signify if the home is wanting any visitors or not. If visitors were welcome, one bar would be pulled out and put at a 45 degree angle.

An herb garden

The court yard of a traditional home of a wealthy family, the tent in the middle was for the wedding ceremony.

Krista is making music on a concrete block with a cloth on the top. This was for unmarried women to call in a husband, the louder she played the harder or more desperate she was looking.

A traditional kitchen of a wealthy Korean

Look at the beautiful Fall colours!

Traditional dancers.

A few short video clips of the Folk Village

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Party in Hongdae

Who doesn't like Halloween? It is the time of year that men wear makeup, women can dress provocatively and not be judged and you can be someone else for the evening!

That is exactly what we did on October 27! We attended the Ask Now Halloween Party with about 70 others, and it was a night not to be quickly forgotten.

We ordered our costumes online and got a view accessories here in Sanbon, they were well worth it!

Yes, Krista is putting makeup on Jon, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow

yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me, yo ho yo ho drink up yea 'arties yo ho.........wheres the rum? Krista looks like Julia Stiles in this photo!

We took the train to Itaewon (subway from Geumjeong line 4 to Samgakji then transfer to line 6 two stops to Itaewon) to meet up with some of our friends. This is where the fun started once in Itaewon, the stares that we had been getting on the subway turned to whispers of "Cap't Jack Sparrow" and the shutters started clicking! Everyone wanted a picture with the Captain! We went to a bar to wait for our friends to change, and when we walked in everyone there started clapping! Apparently their halloween party is next weekend, and we're invited, or so said the bartender when he gave us a free shot!

Stacy, Dave and Tanja

At Gecko's

Bam Bam!

From Itaewon we took the subway to meet up with the Ask Now party in Hongdae (Line 6 to Hapjeong and transfer to line 2 to Hongik University). We went to the Carne Station a Korean style buffet, with raw meat that you cook back at your table. This buffet also came with an all you can drink liquor, beer and soju! What more could you ask for.....? Strangely there was no rum for the Cap't............

Bam Bam and his true love.....

After the Carne Station we walked to a bar called Tinpan 2 and chaos ensued....I blame the sneakers.........

What do you see? I see 2 pirates and a shoe? Nice halloween costume!

"Captain Jack Sparrow" was all we heard all night....if you want to be a celebrity in Korea, either be blonde or dress like Johnny Depp, and then if Johnny Depp is around it doesn't matter how blonde you are......

No these girls weren't dressed up for Halloween....

Even men couldn't resist having their picture taken with Jack Sparrow!

If you are wondering, yes this is his real hair........

Krista showing her best Korean smile :)

Tinpan 2

From Tinpan 2 we walked to Gogo's for more drinks

Yes kids, Soju is for bunny rabbits too! (this playboy bunny is holding a bottle of soju)

This guy was nice enough to pose with the "beautiful girl" and couldn't understand why everyone wanted a picture with Cap't Jack and not with a blonde pirate

"picture, picture, kimbap, picture!" Capt Jack

"I speak English!" Kimbap girl

Everyone yelled to us picture picture, because they didn't speak much English. I guess we learned our lesson.

What can I say, Korean women love the hairy chested men!

Bam Bam

It was a who's who in Hongdae, even Harry Potter was there!

A bar in Hongdae

Even Barbie, a Devil, an Angel and Medusa couldn't resist Jack Sparrow!

These fellow foreigners were speaking Arabic!

At Gogo's


Apparantly The Mask is a symbol for partying everywhere...I'm reminded of boat cruises in Mexico, and lots of tequila..........

Thanks Heff for lending us one of your bunnies for the night!

two pirates and the prettiest girl in Korea!

"will you take a picture?" Cap't
"you are mean Jack Sparrow, she is druuuuunnnnkkkkk." drunk girl's friend

outside of Gogo's

Rocky Horror Picture Show!


We partied till dawn.....when you party in Hongdae its either about a 30,000W cab ride home, or you wait till the subways run 5:30 am. It makes for a long night, but it was well worth it!