Saturday, November 10, 2007

Korean Folk Village

On October 21st, some of our Korean friends took us to the Korean Folk Village. We took the subway to Suwon Station Line 1, and took a 30 minute shuttle bus to the village.

This rock pile is similar to a wishing well. People would write their wishes on a small piece of cloth and tie them to the rope on this rock pile.

Julia and Krista

This was the entrance to the Folk Village, these statues are the guardians of the village.

These people were renewing their wedding vows.

Before we toured the village, our group went to have a traditional Korean meal for lunch. We had Kimchee Jjigae and Pajeon, which is an amazing sort of pancake, dotorimuk, which is acorn jelly, and very tasty if you can pick it up with your chop sticks and traditional Korean Wine.

Our Korean friends leaning on a gate at a traditional home. The bars on the fence signify if the home is wanting any visitors or not. If visitors were welcome, one bar would be pulled out and put at a 45 degree angle.

An herb garden

The court yard of a traditional home of a wealthy family, the tent in the middle was for the wedding ceremony.

Krista is making music on a concrete block with a cloth on the top. This was for unmarried women to call in a husband, the louder she played the harder or more desperate she was looking.

A traditional kitchen of a wealthy Korean

Look at the beautiful Fall colours!

Traditional dancers.

A few short video clips of the Folk Village


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