Friday, November 7, 2008

Snorkeling in Maui

During our weekend in Maui we went on a full morning snorkeling trip with Boss Frog’s aboard the Quicksilver. The trip snorkel gear, breakfast, a BBQ lunch, ice cold drinks, two snorkel sites, a great boat ride and $1 drinks after the snorkeling was finished. All that for about $40/person including tax and boat fees.

Maui Snorkeling_01 (1) (Medium)

Playing with the features on Krista’s new camera, Cannon IXY910IS.

Maui Snorkeling_02 (1) (Medium)


Maui Snorkeling_03 (1) (Medium)

Looking back at Maui

Maui Snorkeling_04 (1) (Medium)

Nice Mai Tai’s Jon!

Maui Snorkeling_06 (1) (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_07 (1) (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_08 (1) (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_09 (1) (Medium)

Kaho╩╗olawe, an uninhabited Hawaiian Island. This island was used by the navy for military training. During the 90’s the island was turned back over to the State of Hawai’i and since then there has been an extensive cleanup of unexploded ordinances on and around the island.

Maui Snorkeling_10 (1) (Medium)

Snorkeling at Molokini,an offshore crescent moon-shaped volcanic crater south of Ma‘alaea Bay, Maui. The islet is a Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary, and very popular snorkeling location.

Maui Snorkeling_11 (1) (Medium)


Maui Snorkeling_12 (1) (Medium)

Pink Tail Triggerfish

Maui Snorkeling_13 (1) (Medium)

Lau’i Pala- Yellow Tang

Maui Snorkeling_15 (1) (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_16 (1) (Medium)

Sea Urchin

Maui Snorkeling_17 (1) (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_18 (1) (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_19 (1) (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_20 (1) (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_21 (1) (Medium)


Maui Snorkeling_22 (1) (Medium)

Kikakapu- Threadfin Butterflyfish

Maui Snorkeling_24 (1) (Medium)

Nenue Lowfin Chub

Maui Snorkeling_25 (1) (Medium)

Humuhumu-Ele’ele – Black Durgon Triggerfish

Maui Snorkeling_26 (1) (Medium)

Humuhumu-Ele’ele – Black Durgon Triggerfish

Maui Snorkeling_27 (Medium)

Honu- Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle at Turtle Town Maui

Maui Snorkeling_28 (Medium)

Kala- Unicornfish

Maui Snorkeling_30 (Medium)

Honu- Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle at Turtle Town Maui

Maui Snorkeling_31 (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_32 (Medium)

Black Sea Urchins

Maui Snorkeling_33 (Medium)

Maui Snorkeling_34 (Medium)

All of the underwater pictures are taken with Jenny’s Olympus Stylus 720SW.

We had a great time snorkeling around Maui and can’t wait to do it again in December. There are many different companies that you can go snorkeling with so make sure you shop around for the best deal for you!