Friday, August 29, 2008

Airport Limousine / Bus

At times, Seoul can be a very hectic place and confusing place. After you arrive at Incheon International Airport you may wonder how you're going to reach your next destination. You could take the Seoul subway system for a very low price if you're up to the challenge of maneuvering your luggage through hundreds of people and standing the entire duration of your trip - not to mention the transfers to other lines. You could take a much more comfortable taxi if you're up to spending more than $50. Or... you could take the Airport Limousine Bus!

We have used the airport bus every time we need to get to and from the airport. It's very convenient and the price is pretty good too. You won't have a problem fitting all your luggage and you'll also have a pretty decent seat to sit in for an hour or more. From the area we live in the cost was 12,000W ($12) each.

There are numerous departure points the in the Seoul area as well as outside Gyeonggi Province. Each area has a particular departure point and the buses leave every 20 minutes. If you're getting on at the airport, outside the terminal is a desk you can purchase your tickets at. If you're getting on anywhere else heading for the airport, they will usually make a round on the bus collecting the fee.

You can find a list if departure points, travel time and other detailed information at this website here.

Here is a map of the exits at Incheon International

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bike Rental - Hang Gang River

Our year contract teaching in Korea is quickly coming to an end (September 30th) so we thought we'd finally get out again to see and do some things we have been putting off. One of those things was renting bicycles in Yeouido / Yeouinaru along the Han Gang River. Yeouido / Yeouinaru is one of our favorite places to hang out. You can do things such as walk around the river, fly a kite, roller blade, rent bicycles, go on a river cruise (on our to-do list) and even have a picnic with your favorite bottle(s) of wine, beer or soju. Click here for our previous post on the Han River Park and here for the International Fireworks Festival there as well.

Directions: Get off at Yeouinaru Station - Line 5, exit 2. Go down the steps and take a left. There is at least one other rental shop along the river as well.

The cost is 3,000W per seat, per hour. If you're looking for a tandum bike it will cost 6,000W per hour.

I was trying to get a shot of the bikes available to rent and one younger Korean male decided to pose for the shot, next thing you know they all wanted in on it.. say kimchi!

Krista and I on our sweet ride.

Even you don't have each other, you'll always have Cass!
Cass Beer - Clean and Refreshing

This is a billboard of the proposed changes to the Han River area. Click the photo to zoom in.

Lycee, Steph, Becca and Ellen.

Building 63: Overlooking the Han River - 249m 817ft high.
Here is what the building looks like now - much better!

Building 63: October 2007

Building 63 April 2008

We really enjoy the area along the Han River. If you are in the Seoul area, it is definitely worth checking out day or night.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunset on White Beach, Boracay

If you search for the best beaches in the world, on every list is Boracay White Beach. For over three miles the beautiful white sand is a paradise for beachcombers. The warm waters of the Sulu Sea offer reprieve from the hot sun and hours of fun. This is truly the best beach that we have ever been on. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!



The sand here is unbelievable it is softer and finer than any sand we've see previously, but yet after the tide goes out, you can ride your bike on the beach!

I guess it is the worlds most trusted brand........

From beautiful sand you can make some beautiful sand castles!

Can you spot us?

A golf resort that offered a fantastic happy hour around their beautiful pool

This photo was not edited in Photoshop, it is that beautiful there! I didn't have have a tripod at the time, but they still turned out pretty good.

We can't wait to go back to the Philippines!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boracay Scuba Diving

One of the highlights of our trip was scuba diving. Near the end of the week Krista and I went to Boracay Scuba for an amazing adventure under the sea. Boracay Scuba is located near Boat Station 1, you can view their website here. Our instructor for the first dive was Guillier. He took us through the Discover Scuba Program- the basics and important safety information.

Krista and I at the dive shop.

Inside the dive shop. This was a really cool place to hang out. After the tide has gone they pull out the wicker style chairs you can lounge on. When the tide is high all the chairs are moved and everything you see in the picture is under water. During the day, the water is about 50ft away.

Krista and Jon before we did our training lesson.

Jon, Krista and Gullier.

During our training lesson.

We took a picture of the marine life card in the shop - these were some of the fish we saw during our dives.

The first dive was awesome so we decided to go for round two. Rey was our dive instructor for next dive. Since we already had the basic training, the second dive was a little cheaper and we were able to get right in to the water.

We found Nemo.. he got big!

Krista and Jon.

More marine life.

Krista and Rey.

We saw a blue starfish.


This picture was taken while we were snorkeling on a different afternoon.

If you're not afraid of water and you're not claustrophobic, you should definitely try scuba diving sometime! If you're ever in Boracay check out Boracay Scuba and tell Rey and Gullier Jon and Krista from Korea say hi!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boracay Hills Hotel and Resort

Boracay Hills is where all the magic happened. A few months before we flew to the Philippines, Krista was scouring the internet for a good place to stay on Boracay Island. She emailed dozens of places and finally came across Boracay Hills. It was going to be the rainy season so we wanted to make sure there was a pool there just incase the weather was absolutely terrible for the duration of the trip. As it turns out, this place had the pool we needed for the first day and a half of rain! It was also great to have coffee by the pool every morning and a few beer there in the mid afternoon and evening.. and then there is the late dip before going to bed way past midnight.

Here is an what their website says about themselves:

This haven in the heart of Boracay provides the perfect location for a restful, relaxing and indulgent vacation.

The former home of the Swiss Ambassador to the Philippines has been lovingly re-born as a first class resort by the Clayton-Atanacio family who own and manage the hotel.

The Boracay Hills motto is "you may arrive as strangers but you will leave as friends". The managing family welcome guests as if into their own home and continue to provide the highest level of service and quality.

Boracay Hills is a small ten room resort, set in beautiful tropical gardens in the sleepy hamlet of Bantud. Its location away from the main hustle of Boracay ensures a quiet and peaceful retreat.

The resort has everything you need to never leave, but for those that do the complimentary shuttle service will have you on the famous white beach in a matter of minutes.

You can check out the website here or search Facebook for the group Boracay Hills Resort Vacationers.

Five of us split the cost of the hotel so it ended up being a pretty good price for the experience we all had. We enjoyed a table for 5 outside on the main floor that we used for breakfast, dinner and hanging out.

This is of the main house, we had the entire 2nd floor with the terrace.

This is the guest house with a few more rooms. Behind the guest house is another two-level complex with more rooms.

The master bedroom.

The 2nd bedroom - two single beds and one double.

Master bedroom.

Sink and shower.

Pool view from the upper terrace.

Another poolside view.

Krista chillin' out on the terrace.

This place was absolutely wonderful and the staff were amazing! We were able to get anything and everything we wanted. Room service, late night dinners, in room massages, manicures and pedicures. We had emailed Janes, the manager, numerous times before we arrived. She was so accommodating to everything we asked!

They also had a van that would take us in to D'Mall / White Beach anytime we needed. To get back to the hotel we took a tricycle (or tuk tuk in Thailand) back to the hotel for about 20 pesos per person ($.50).

One night a BBQ was organized with everyone staying at Boracay Hills, we invited all the staff as well for the drinks and dinner.

This was one of the best vacations ever! We would definitely stay here again and recommend anyone thinking about Boracay Island to give this place a try even for a few nights!
Mention Jon and Krista next time you book with them!

Thanks again to everyone at Boracay Hills!!