Friday, August 29, 2008

Airport Limousine / Bus

At times, Seoul can be a very hectic place and confusing place. After you arrive at Incheon International Airport you may wonder how you're going to reach your next destination. You could take the Seoul subway system for a very low price if you're up to the challenge of maneuvering your luggage through hundreds of people and standing the entire duration of your trip - not to mention the transfers to other lines. You could take a much more comfortable taxi if you're up to spending more than $50. Or... you could take the Airport Limousine Bus!

We have used the airport bus every time we need to get to and from the airport. It's very convenient and the price is pretty good too. You won't have a problem fitting all your luggage and you'll also have a pretty decent seat to sit in for an hour or more. From the area we live in the cost was 12,000W ($12) each.

There are numerous departure points the in the Seoul area as well as outside Gyeonggi Province. Each area has a particular departure point and the buses leave every 20 minutes. If you're getting on at the airport, outside the terminal is a desk you can purchase your tickets at. If you're getting on anywhere else heading for the airport, they will usually make a round on the bus collecting the fee.

You can find a list if departure points, travel time and other detailed information at this website here.

Here is a map of the exits at Incheon International