Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bike Rental - Hang Gang River

Our year contract teaching in Korea is quickly coming to an end (September 30th) so we thought we'd finally get out again to see and do some things we have been putting off. One of those things was renting bicycles in Yeouido / Yeouinaru along the Han Gang River. Yeouido / Yeouinaru is one of our favorite places to hang out. You can do things such as walk around the river, fly a kite, roller blade, rent bicycles, go on a river cruise (on our to-do list) and even have a picnic with your favorite bottle(s) of wine, beer or soju. Click here for our previous post on the Han River Park and here for the International Fireworks Festival there as well.

Directions: Get off at Yeouinaru Station - Line 5, exit 2. Go down the steps and take a left. There is at least one other rental shop along the river as well.

The cost is 3,000W per seat, per hour. If you're looking for a tandum bike it will cost 6,000W per hour.

I was trying to get a shot of the bikes available to rent and one younger Korean male decided to pose for the shot, next thing you know they all wanted in on it.. say kimchi!

Krista and I on our sweet ride.

Even you don't have each other, you'll always have Cass!
Cass Beer - Clean and Refreshing

This is a billboard of the proposed changes to the Han River area. Click the photo to zoom in.

Lycee, Steph, Becca and Ellen.

Building 63: Overlooking the Han River - 249m 817ft high.
Here is what the building looks like now - much better!

Building 63: October 2007

Building 63 April 2008

We really enjoy the area along the Han River. If you are in the Seoul area, it is definitely worth checking out day or night.