Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boracay Scuba Diving

One of the highlights of our trip was scuba diving. Near the end of the week Krista and I went to Boracay Scuba for an amazing adventure under the sea. Boracay Scuba is located near Boat Station 1, you can view their website here. Our instructor for the first dive was Guillier. He took us through the Discover Scuba Program- the basics and important safety information.

Krista and I at the dive shop.

Inside the dive shop. This was a really cool place to hang out. After the tide has gone they pull out the wicker style chairs you can lounge on. When the tide is high all the chairs are moved and everything you see in the picture is under water. During the day, the water is about 50ft away.

Krista and Jon before we did our training lesson.

Jon, Krista and Gullier.

During our training lesson.

We took a picture of the marine life card in the shop - these were some of the fish we saw during our dives.

The first dive was awesome so we decided to go for round two. Rey was our dive instructor for next dive. Since we already had the basic training, the second dive was a little cheaper and we were able to get right in to the water.

We found Nemo.. he got big!

Krista and Jon.

More marine life.

Krista and Rey.

We saw a blue starfish.


This picture was taken while we were snorkeling on a different afternoon.

If you're not afraid of water and you're not claustrophobic, you should definitely try scuba diving sometime! If you're ever in Boracay check out Boracay Scuba and tell Rey and Gullier Jon and Krista from Korea say hi!


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