Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Halloween at school

Well sorry about the late posting, but here are a few shots from our wonderful Halloween we had at school! It was an all day event at school with many different activities for the kids, and a nice dinner and some soju for the teachers afterwards, yes we all changed out of our costumes first!


Mr. Cho our manager

All of the princess came out!

Whats in the bucket, brains, eyes, fingers, and guts!

What would be Halloween without Capt Jack?

Mummy Wrap!

Face painting!


Pin the nose on the Witch


Painting pumpkins

Crazy Monkey spider toss!

We had a haunted house, so we had to turn the entire gym into a haunted house! First we lined the walls with garbage bags, then hung walls out of felt from the ceiling, added lots of spider webs, some coffins, bodies, a scary movie, and a witch, add black lights and a strobe light, and viola! you have a haunted house!

The stars of the haunted house!


The Evil Queen and a ghost

and a nun!

Lights on!

Lights off!


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