Sunday, September 23, 2007

Downtown Sanbon & Shopping at EMart

After eating at the Korean BBQ restaurant, we walked about 10 blocks to EMart (EMart basically bought out the Super WalMart there and took care of business). EMart is 3 stories – they have a full out grocery store, clothing, electronics and appliances and much, much more (The rest of the floors are part of the parking garage).

For those of you who love crowds, this is the place for you! We cannot believe the amount of people in this building, it’s absolutely insane. People and carts everywhere, they even have people working there to promote and sell products ALL over the store. These promoters are dressed in all kinds of costumes of the product they are selling – from Pantene Pro V to Olympus Cameras to Traditional Hanboks. All the cashiers wore white gloves and we had to pay 50W or 5 cents for each plastic bag.

There are elevators but there are also escalators that lock the wheels of your cart down so you can move from floor to floor easily (as easily as you can among a bazillion people). The last time we were there Jon nearly went insane – now that we have the necessities we’ll stick to the markets (stay tuned for pictures later on).

Downtown Sanbon (Sanbon is an area in Gunpo-City which is located in Gyeonggi-do Province) to wander around. It was a Wednesday night and the nightlife was still crazy busy!

It looks similar to Fremont Street in Vegas (except we can’t read the writing yet) – everything was lit up. Korea is a small country and land is very valuable, there are high rise buildings everywhere. In these pictures you can see multiple story buildings filled with little restaurants and shops galore. You can find hidden gems all over, but you have to look within the different floors to find them.

We love these fountains! You can find them all throughout Korea in various designs, some days we wish we could run through just to cool off. Apparently the hot season is over (Summer is disgustingly hot and humid here) but we’re both sweating on the 15-20 minute walk to school.

Downtown also has a bar we call the Pirate Bar – stayed tuned for a few pictures and even a short video clip!


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love to visit korea one day