Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Pirate Bar

It was my birthday (September 20th) and a few of us teachers went downtown to what is know as the Pirate Bar (I forget the actual name, we’ll get a pic a post it at some point).

This is an entertaining bar for many reasons. First of all, the beer is cheapy cheap here as well, $2 for 500ml. When you order draught beer, it comes in an ice mug (we’ll get a picture of this next time for sure and post). There is a plastic half mug with a handle that holds a hollow mug of ice, inside is placed a plastic sleeve that is filled with beer. You can take out the sleeve of beer and throw your ice mug at anytime, but generally speaking you finish your whole beer before it melts. Pull out the sleeve and take the ice mug to the target. Keep behind the line marked on the floor and give it your best! If you hit the target, the lights spin around and stop on either a free beer or try again space.

Here is a picture of John from our school, drinking Soju – more on Soju to come! If you like your peanuts or salty snacks at the bar, you won't find them here. All you get are these bland air puffs that resemble cereal. When you think about it, it's not so bad - keeps us from eating deep fried bar food!

It’s great fun but not as easy as it looks, especially after a few beers. Check out this short video clip of Jon trying to hit the target.