Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seafood Grill in Sanbon

Today Krista and I wondered down the streets of Sanbon again and came across this Seafood Grill restaurant. It had a menu with pictures on it and we liked what we saw so we thought we would give it a try!

They have a variety of broiled, roasted and fried foods among others.

Can’t forget the drink menu! They have 4 different kinds of fruit cocktail that looked really good, and they’re huge! Next time…

We decided to go with Set 2 for 19,900W ($20) for the two of us. For the amount of food you get, this is extremely cheap compared to prices at home. However, this is a relatively expensive meal in Korea.

This was the appetizer that came out first – two eggs sunny side up and a bowl of fish cake soup (we think) which takes a bit to get used to. Awww.. it looks like a face!

This came out next – it was some sort of fishy broth (not as fishy as the one above). On the skewers were a mixture of egg, tofu and vegetables which we dipped in a sesame red pepper sauce. It was great!

This was part of the main dish – it had tofu, octopus, mussels and shrimp in a different spicy sesame sauce.

his was the second part of the main dish – it was salmon and tuna on top of kind of cellophane noodle. We took the fish and noodles and wrapped it in a seaweed wrap. Check out the video below of Krista trying one for the first time!


Anonymous said...

haha sweet... that food looked delish