Saturday, September 22, 2007

We Made It!! Minnestoa-Japan-Seoul, Korea

We finally made it!!
We flew from Duluth, MN where we got away with paying continental overweight luggage fees rather than international - we saved $50! It was about an hour flight from Duluth to Minneapolis. Our next flight was to Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan - just over 12hrs flight time. We were both stuck in the middle aisle X-Krista-Jon-X with someone on either side of us. Krista's fears were finally alleviated when we were handed our menu cards! She figured we only received dinner when in fact we had dinner, snacks, breakfast and more snacks! The food on NWA was actually pretty damn good!

The plane on the right is the one we boarded to go to Seoul from Tokyo.

Note to self... when ordering two bottles of wine on a flight, drink them both. They won't let you take the second through security on the next fight! What the hell were we thinking...
This is the 747 we took from Minneapolis to Tokyo.
Once we arrived in Japan we had a bit of a layover and it was then we realized we were no longer in familiar territory - we were the foreigners! By the time we got on the next flight to Incheon, Seoul we were both so tired and once again received some great food and were able to watch a variety of shows and movies on our own private screens (for FREE!).

Don't we look wide awake after the 12+ hour flight?

We arrived at the Incheon Seoul Airport around 930pm local time - we were picked up by our school administrator and driven to our apartment which took over an hour to get to. It's a good thing it was late, otherwise we would have been taken straight to the school (like some other teachers) to start observing classes. We unpacked a few things, put sheets on the bed (so glad Krista decided to bring these..) and went to sleep.