Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wandering Around Sanbon Market

Last Sunday Krista and I decided to venture out in to a different direction from our apartment to see what we could find. We had not taken the subway or any buses yet so we walked the entire way (we were out walking for about 6hrs or so). During our adventure we came across this church with a nice stained glass window.

We walked a few blocks around the corner and came across a really cool local grocery store that sells a lot of fruit and the biggest green onions we have ever seen, no wonder why they put onions in everything here. We’ll have to stop there again another time. Continuing down quite a few more streets we stumbled across the Sanbon Market! What an awesome find!
There were TONS of shops and tables that sold red meat, seafood, clothes, toys, snacks, bakery items and a lot more. Below are a few pictures of some of the food.



A bunch more seafood

Different kinds of Kimchi and other vegetables

Various noodles and other vegetables

Mmmmmm.. chicken with their heads still attached!

Lots of different kinds of Kimchi!

Here is a picture of Jon eating a snack - hotdog wrapped in some sort of dough, yum!

After we made our rounds, we stopped off at a little shop where a gentleman was selling sweets. He let us each try one and we decided buy a small bag. We asked him how much - he gestered 3000W $3. He put a bunch of everything in the bag, weighed it - came to 3600W and gave it to us still for 3000W. He did this while giving us each a sample of everything else he was selling, he just kept on feeding us! :) Meanwhile.. two Korean girls at the shop beside were giggling at us!

Here is a short video clip of all the people in one area of the market.