Wednesday, October 3, 2007

COEX Mall Aquarium

Over Chusok we ventured into Seoul to the COEX Mall Aquarium with John and Christie, it was a definite treat, and the bonus was that foreigners got in at a discount 10,500W ($10.50)for each of us, of course it said that we had to show foreign identification, but for some reason they didn't ask us!

You can get to COEX by taking the Green Line 2 to Samseong Station Exit 5.

The COEX Aquarium is the only theme-oriented aquarium in Korea. There are 90 exhibition water tanks and 140 tanks used for breeding. There are about 600 species and 40,000 oceanic fish altogether. The tanks are divided into six different sections and are viewed in a tunnel like atmosphere. The first exhibit is the 'The Inca Empire'. This exhibit displays the origins and relics from the Incan Empire. At the end of the Incan Empire, the 'Amazonian World' awaits. In this exhibit tropical fish and cute otters can be seen. In the seashore section of the 'Amazonian World’, sharks and stingrays can be viewed. The end of the 'Amazonian World’ leads to 'Seven Seas'. In romantic settings, fishes from the Mediterranean to the North and South Poles can be seen. After that, you can experience the ‘Ocean Kingdom’ in which displays dozens of sharks, polar bears, and numerous fish. You can see different types of fish swimming above you in the ceiling.

Finding Nemo

How many seahorses can you spot in this picture?

Only in Korea would they put squirrels on display!

Beautiful Coy Fish

No, we haven't seen any place in Korea that looks like this.

This next set of exhibits we fondly called, "What can you put fish into?" Try to spot the fish in each picture!

I wouldn't want to shower with this dude!

Yes, a much better tv than ours!

Look at how big this fridge is, I wish ours was as big!

Microwaved crabs anyone?!

Fish a la Bistro style!

Yes, those stick things are fish, they are shrimp fish!

A wash machine/dryer, who knows, but it is pretty!

"Fra-gi-le, it must be French."

I don't know that this computer would work so well...

A pig-nosed turtle, now I have seen it all!

Jon's new aspirations, to be the Jacques Cousteau of Korea!

Can you spot the weedy sea dragon....yes that is it!

We even saw a polar bear!

Sawtooth Shark

Sea turtles

These jelly fish brought back memories of Cancun........without the pain!

Spider crab, spider crab.........

Video of a Crab Eating Something

Video compilation of Fish, Shark and a Sea Otter with music!