Friday, October 5, 2007

Good ol' Home Cooking!

So being over here in Korea creates an adventure not only for ourselves, but also for our palates! Everything over here looks like a culinary creation straight from Top Chef (how many times have you eaten quail eggs?) but it doesn't always taste very good.

As you have seen with the pictures from E-mart, that shopping here is sometimes very difficult and just being able to see the food isn't the worst part! Reading labels and figuring out what the vegetables are, to where is the rice (you would think that it would be clearly marked seeing as everyone eats it all the time, but it isn't!) is a challenge and an adventure.

We are managing pretty well, and are trying all kinds of new vegetables (yes Jon is eating vegetables, but only select ones..) like the many varieties of mushrooms, bean sprouts and peppers. Warning if you do not like spicy food stay away!

Here are some of Krista's culinary creations, or see how many different ways you can make rice a main dish....any and all recipes are welcomed!

Here is one of our first meals, like our dishes and mixed matched glasses? The green bits are peppers and they are spicy, much more spicy than a jalapeno, 1 is enough to overpower the entire meal, I have learned to dice them up really fine and then sprinkle them in, then the flavor is evenly distributed.

Yum, this one is one of our favorites! Krista's variation of Spanish Rice with tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, chicken bullion, peppers, onions, garlic, ham and bean sprouts. We love our beans, they are the magical fruit!

The menu at Jackie Chan's restaurant in the COEX Mall. We had awesome dim sum!

The menu just down the street from out school. The food looks awesome and so realistic! The sushi here is called kimbap and it usually has ham in it or just rice and vegetables in it instead of raw fish. We haven't eaten here, but drool over the plates.

For Chusok we each got a Spam and Canola oil gift set, and have grown fond of Spam and eggs!

We will keep you posted on any and all other wacky food we try!