Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Walk to School

We have about a 15 minute (there and 20 back home, because it is all up hill) walk to school every day, and we see some spectacular sights! It is always interesting being a foreigner in another country, especially when you stick out so much. People say "hi" and giggle because that is the only word they know, and Krista gets waved at sometimes by kids on busses.....

Its always an adventure, and Korea never fails to surprise us! Enjoy some of the pictures of our walk to school.

This one is just down the street from our apt. It is a view of Suri San (We found out San means mountain). From Geumjeong Station take either the 2 or 3 bus up the hill and stop by Koklan Jungehakgyo.


Jon walking by the corner store, that everyone affectionately calls "The Sexy Lady" Store, not exactly sure why......

Here is a mechanic shop, there are 2 on our street!

The trucks always make me laugh, they are so little

The time that we walk to school, the other schools in the area are just getting out so we get flooded by young Koreans in their school uniforms.

Alot of students, they all have about the same outfit on, they only thing that really changes are their shoes! No, the students at our school don't have to wear uniforms.

A mountain shop on the corner, they have a sale everyday and we can't wait to get more mountain climbing gear.

More students

Waterfall on the corner

The bus coming to pick up students

2 girls buying some Ddeokbokki. Ddeobokki is sold everywhere it basically consists of rice cakes (not like western rice cakes, they are very doughy) in a very hot sauce. Most of the kids in school will come in with a little dixi cup full and eat it with a toothpick. You can tell who likes ddeokbokki because their fingertips will be red! A little dixi cup portion is 500W.

The big Catholic Church on our walk to school

This is a fire station, for emergencies in Korea dial 119! Our gym is located behind the fire station.

Side view of our gym, Dream Center

Crossing the street

Right where the orange sign is is the entrance to our school! Incase you are wondering, yes, they do drive scooters on the sidewalks sometimes!

We made it!