Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dr. Fish Organic Coffee Bar & Spa

Krista and I were wandering around downtown Sanbon one evening and someone was handing out flyer for this Book & Coffee Spa. The lady pointed to where it was so we decided to go in and take a look. As we were standing inside looking around a Korean girl in her teens was trying to serve us and give us information. She spoke English! It was fun talking to her - we found out that until the end of November you can go in and buy a specialty coffee, have some free toast and jam, read a book or use your notebook PC and then for FREE drip your feet in to this foot spa that contained little fish. The fish would suck on your feet and eat the dead skin and bacteria leaving them so fresh and so clean! What a neat idea..

There was a bit of a wait, so we decided to come back the next morning with John and Christie.

The foot spa area

Confucius say, little fish good for cleaning dirty feet.

This was an awesome find! If your ticklish like Jon is.. you'll have to find something to occupy your mind while the fish do their job.
Check out the video of the fish swimming around - John T has somehow managed to have all the fish on his side.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Krista.....would've been a little scared/weird to put my fish into a bucket of fish so they could chew on them;) But, looks like something fun and interesting to do....nothing that we have around here. Maybe by the time you get back, John and I will have opened up our own coffee shop with a free fish nibbling station:) Kristy