Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hiking Up Mt. Suri-San - What a View!

On Wednesday, October 3, 2007 we summited our, Mount Everest. We were told that it was just over this over pass, and to take the path on the right..........which is right when the path diverges in every which direction?

We took the middle road, and at times seemed to carve our own path up Mt Suri-San.

We really need to learn clue what the signs ment, but we hiked on!

The way up was filled with dirt pathes, a resemblence of stairs, boulders and steep unforgiving rock .

I know it appears that the entire way had stairs, but we can assure you that it didn't. Some places were so steep that there was a rope railing to pull yourself up the rock face!

Almost to the top!

Sanbon, Gunpo-City, Gyeonggi-do Korea

"I'm the King of the World!" Jon exclaimed as we summited Mt. Suri-San.

We passed many people coming down off of the mountain, and many people passed us on their way up. Towards the top it was a struggle, and we were both a bit light headed. A very nice man gave us some Twix bars, and showed us where the best view atop Mt. Suri-San was and we enjoyed the view together.

We could see almost all of Sanbon, even E-Mart!

We can't wait to come back and take more pictures, hopefully on a sunny day!

Helicopter landing pad

There were many people picnicing on top of the mountain, most of the picnic baskets consisted of some kind of meal, and alot of beer! We couldn't believe the amount of little kids at the top, or on the way up! When we were going down, an easier path, we even saw a mother carrying a toddler on her back!!

Which way would you take? We definately took the long way up, and the short way down, the way down was just as scary as the way up!

Tokin' Turtle
Many people had brought up water jugs to fill them with this great mountain spring water.

Crossing back over the overpass

Thats our building over there!

View this video with caution!! Next time we'll take better photos at the right places and more (with less shake) video.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing........not sure if I could've made it up there!! Kristy Nix

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! The Rocky Theme song is AWESOME for that video! HA! You're pretty great, yo!

Your cousin, Matt