Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diving in Phuket – Part 2

Below are the maps for the other 5 dive sites we visited. We did one site twice on our last day to make a total of 7 dives.

Dive Site Maps_04 [1280x768]

Dive Site Maps_06 [1280x768]

Dive Site Maps_01 [1280x768]

Dive Site Maps_03 [1280x768]

Dive Site Maps_02 [1280x768]

Dive Site 2_01 [1280x768]

Krista equalizing as she descends

Dive Site 2_27 [1280x768]

Sea Anemone / polyp up close on the reef

Dive Site 2_28 [1280x768]

Dive Site 2_30 - Edit Clown Fish [1280x768]

Nemo (Clownfish) living within an anemone. One of the best things about diving in Thailand for us was the soft coral and sea anemones. While we were diving in Hawaii there were plenty of hard coral in the area but seeing soft coral here was amazing.

Dive Site 2_32 [1280x768]

Giant Sea Fan

Dive Site 2_34 [1280x768]

Giant Sea Fan close up

Dive Site 2_35 - Ray [1280x768]

Kuhls Stingrays live on vast sand flats by day and are often buried in the sand.

Dive Site 2_36 [1280x768] Dive Site 2_02 [1280x768]

Can you spot the octopus?

Dive Site 2_04 - Edit Boxfish [1280x768]

Puffer fish

Dive Site 2_06 - Edit Sea Urchin [1280x768]

Sea Urchin

Dive Site 2_12 [1280x768]

Krista’s favourite, sponge star fish

Dive Site 2_15 - Edit Leopard Shark [1280x768]

Leopard Shark. An unmistakable shark, frequently encountered in coral reefs and lagoons. Its caudal fin is almost as long as its body. These can grow to be 3m in length.

During the day the Leopard Shark is usually seen resting motionless on the bottom. During the night this nocturnal hunter swims around to find its prey of crustaceans, shelled invertebrates and small fishes. Most frequently seen shark at all dive sites in the Andaman Sea. Dive Site 2_13 - Edit Leopard Shark [1280x768]

Dive Site 2_16 [1280x768]

Bubble Anemone. Very common, but often unnoticed, because hidden in cracks on hard substrates. The tentacles are swollen at the tip.

Dive Site 2_20 [1280x768] Dive Site 2_24 - Cucumber&Eel [1280x768]

Sea Cucumber on the sea floor with a bite taken out of it and a small eel peering out from underneath.

Dive Site 2_41 [1280x768]

Krista hangin’ out during our safety stop at 5m/15ft.

Here is a video of various short clips from our 7 dives. (If you’re viewing from email, click here to see the video)


LacyHolly said...

That looks amazing! Looks like you're having so much fun!