Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diving in Phuket – Part 3

Here are the last of our scuba diving pictures! These are from the 6th and 7th dive, our comfortability in the water came back. I think these are some of our better underwater photos. We hope you enjoy them!

Dive Site 3_01 [1280x768]

Blue Sea Anemone

Dive Site 3_06 [1280x768]

Dive Site 3_09 [1280x768]

Dive Site 3_10 [1280x768]

Giant Sea Fan

Dive Site 3_11 [1280x768]

Starry Puffer fish

Dive Site 3_13 [1280x768]

Dive Site 3_14 [1280x768]


Dive Site 3_15 [1280x768]

Soft Coral

Dive Site 3_16 [1280x768]


Dive Site 3_19 [1280x768]

Sea cucumber

Dive Site 5_07 [1280x768]

Anemone and Nemo

Dive Site 5_12 [1280x768]

Zebra Lion Fish

Dive Site 5_14 [1280x768]

Gold-Striped Fusilier

Dive Site 5_17 [1280x768]

Giant Moray

Dive Site 5_18 [1280x768]


Dive Site 5_19 - Edit [1280x768]


Dive Site 5_20 [1280x768]


That’s all! Unless we find a place to dive during our summer vacation! :)


Jana said...

Nice Pictures!! Almost makes me want to take up scuba diving...almost