Sunday, January 31, 2010

Street Food in Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

I think everyone knows how much I love street food in Korea. It’s usually pretty good, convenient and cheap. There’s plenty of street food vendors in Phuket as well. One of our favorite (but definitely not the healthiest thing for you) is the Banana Pancake! I know there is a lot of hype on the internet about these, some don’t.. blah blah blah. I think they make a good dessert!

IMG_3006 [1280x768]

They sell for about 25-35baht each ($1US=33baht) for a basic banana pancake and one topping. If you want one with Nutella they are 5 baht more.

IMG_3010 [1280x768]

IMG_3009 [1280x768]

For a quick snack that costs about $1, it’s decently good, not the healthiest - but then again, it doesn’t matter when you’re on vacation (or so we tell ourselves).

IMG_3663 [1280x768]

Just like in Korea, they also have their meet vendors on the streets selling fast and cheap food.

IMG_3666 [1280x768]

I ordered a chicken kabob that was delicious! It was marinated in a Thai Chili and lime marinade then grilled. Even the smoky grill smelt good!

IMG_3665 [1280x768]

Here’s a short video on the banana pancake guy showing off his mad skillz (well, he was fast anyway). Click here if you’re viewing in an email.

Stay tuned to see what we eat for lunch at the school!