Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Day 2: Saturday December 26th, 2009

Hello sunny Phuket! 33C/92F

Shower. Get dressed. Put on sunglasses. Coffee time!

We started the morning off right with a small breakfast of eggs, fresh fruits, toast and a cup of coffee around the corner from our guesthouse. Most places around here are owned by Scandinavians and the one we went to was no exception. The price was right and there was decently priced hourly internet rates next door too.

IMG_2854 [1280x768]

IMG_2846 [1280x768]

IMG_2849 [1280x768]

Christie rarely gets up early, but the warm sun and scent of coffee lured her away from her bed.

IMG_2852 [1280x768]

Jana wide awake, ready to start working on her tan.

IMG_2851 [1280x768]

Dammit Jay! Another cigar? Wait, that’s the same one you started last night. Well, at least we are outside this time.

IMG_2850 [1280x768]

Before heading to the beach, we stopped at a convenience store and picked up two large 660ml beers for 76 baht ($2.30US) and some sunscreen. Now we’re ready for a day at the beach.

John buried in the sand while enjoying an ice cold Beer Chang.

IMG_2858 [1280x768]

Jana buried in the sand as well, although we’re not sure how she intends to work on her tan with only her face uncovered.

IMG_2862 [1280x768]

Because Christie was up too early, she used this time to take a nap on the beach after drinking a beer.

IMG_2866 [1280x768]

Karon Beach. Sun beds were 100 baht each at peak times, later in the afternoon you could generally sneak one without paying. We think of Thailand as a Mexico for Europeans. Phuket was filled with Europeans, which of course includes older men wearing their tight speedos. On the other hand there were plenty of women in their 20s up to 60s topless.

IMG_2869 [1280x768]

European man in a speedo! If you’re interested, click the picture to enlarge! Warning doesn’t enlarge the speedo!

IMG_2870 [1280x768]

IMG_2871 [1280x768]

IMG_2872 [1280x768]

Mmmm pineapple and rum in a pineapple!

IMG_2877 [1280x768]

IMG_3596 [1280x768]

IMG_3603 [1280x768]

IMG_3612 [1280x768]

Chang in the morning. Chang in the afternoon. Chang at sunset.

IMG_3625 [1280x768]

Krista and Jon on the beach at sunset.

IMG_3636 [1280x768]

Beer Chang as the moon rises.

IMG_3651 [1280x768]

After spending an entire day travelling it was wonderful to spend a day at the beach. Afterwards we were relaxed, a little burnt and looking forward to a 2 day / 1 night scuba trip!


Marie said...

That's such a coincidence! Nick and I also went to Thailand for our Christmas break! We had a wonderful time there (9 beautiful days) and I hope you did as well! Happy New Year!

Jay said...

Okay, I have a couple of bones to pick. How come I wasn't allowed on the beach? come there are only pics of the guys in Speedo's? What happened to the nice, topless women??? LOL!
Looks like it was great trip!!! I wish I really could have been there for the actual trip!