Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maroon 5 Live in Seoul

On March 7th, we went to the Maroon 5 concert in Seoul.  It was awesome seeing an American band playing in South Korea, and even better yet was hearing all of the Koreans singing along with the songs!

I wasn't aware that the simple "kam-sah-hab-ni-da" (thank you) got so many Koreans excited, they normally don't cheer when I say it................ hmm

Yes there were signs prohibiting camera and recording devices, but this is Asia, no one obeyed and there were many cameras in the air during the concert.  Also, the same with all events in Korea, you can bring in your own beverages and snacks, and no one checked to make sure we were in the right seats, we were definitely not in ours, but in some much better seats!

Everyone, including us, had light saber/wands to wave!

Well you can imagine what the subway was like afterwards............more expats though this time and no crazy ladies pushing their friends on!

It was a great concert and worth bearing this subway ride home!  Thanks for coming to Korea Maroon 5!

Video: Won't Go Home Without You (if viewing in email, click here).

Video: She Will Be Loved (if viewing in email, click here)