Monday, June 9, 2008

Jeongbalsan - Ilsan Park

One Sunday morning we decided to go with John to Ilsan Lake Park in Goyang.  Ilsan Lake Park is the biggest artificial lake park in the Orient, constructed on an area of 350,000 pyong (1,157,100 square meters). This beautiful lake park preserves a healthy ecosystem with clean water where plants, animals, and fish can be found. By regularly holding a Flower Exhibition, this Lake Park has become a favorite leisure and resort place not only for Goyang citizens, but also for the public at large in Korea.  Ilsan is a recently developed area and is more organized and planned, and its residents are generally more affluent. Ilsan is located northwest of Seoul. Like other satellite cities in the Seoul National Capital Area such as Bundang and Pyeongchon, Ilsan was planned in order to alleviate housing shortages in the city of Seoul. Ilsan has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 15 years, usually drawing in younger generations of upper middle-class Koreans.

We originally went to see the Flower Exhibition, but found wandering around the park just as rewarding!

Outside the subway station there was a large city square where you could rent miniature bikes, scooters and race cars.

We would love to go back and rent one of these!

On the bridge leading towards the lake, there were posters and banners with information protesting the selling of body parts in China.

Standing on the bridge overlooking the lake.

If you look closely, you can see Jon taking this photo!

Map of the lake park.

I like the new roller surfer, aka the wave!  All of the kids here seem to have one, its a cross between a surfboard and skateboard that works by swiveling your hips!

There were plenty of kites flying that day in the strong winds over the water.

As it was Children's Day holiday, many people were out enjoying the beautiful weather.

Another crowd photo along the lake.

Two Korean women dressed in fairy outfits.. they were not impressed when they caught me snapping photos ;)

Just outside the gates to the exhibition hall there was a large Canon RV.  Inside they had various camera models and on the top of the RV they had a 300mm IS Zoom Lens and a 400mm IS Zoom lens (these retail for $3500-5000) that we were able to play around with.  Wow.. I'd love to have one of those.  While atop the RV I took the chance to snap a few photos with my own DSLR of the flower displays without paying to get in :)

Kind of like a ch-ch-chia pet!

It's picnic time!

Ilsan Lake

Of course there was no beach or even opening in the railing to walk in the water, but that didn't stop anyone!

Its a bird, its a plane, no its a kite?  The weather was ideal for flying kites, as the wind was coming off of the water, I'm sure it will be a great place to visit when the summer heats up!

No boats, only fountains!

If you are adventurous enough you can time yourself for just under a marathon!

Near Ilsan Lake Park is there wonderful downtown are called LaFesta.  There was a plethora of coffee shops, restaurants, shops and fun!

Its a bird, its a plane, no its a coffee shop!!

Krista always wants to go shopping!

We ate here at the Rosenbrau, a great pub that even brews its own beer! 

While you sip on the delicious brews, your kids can play in the amazing play place, did I mention that this place was great or what?

Our delicious pizza, with a side dish of jalapenos!

Whats on tap?

To get to Ilsan Lake Park, Goyang take Line number 3 to Jeongbalsan, as it is only 3 stops from the end of the line make sure that your train is going to Daehwa.

Ilsan Lake Park is not overrun by foreigners and has many activities for all ages!  We will definitely go back and hope to see you there!