Monday, May 19, 2008

Lotus Lantern Festival 2

Lotus Lantern Festival Part 2...

We went to the Insadong area with our friends Marcus and Jenny to check out the Street Festival that was going on during the day before the big parade in the evening.  They had a few city blocks closed to vehicles so various tents could be setup.  There was everything from traditional food to books, face painting, making lanterns, postcards and more.  The Lotus Lantern Festival was for Buddhists all over the world to celebrate, and walking through the festival really felt like a quick tour of the world!

Krista found a tent where they were putting together lanterns for the evening parade, she decided to join in and help!

Krista looked like she was having a good time, so I managed to sneak myself in as well.

Many visitors here are making flower lanterns out of paper.

Marcus and Flat Stanley!

Two skipping ropes were going at once, this person manage to last a few jumps.

Krista and Jenny writing down wishes on paper and tying them to a 40 ft rope attached to a large balloon flying in the air.

Sooo many people!

Jenny, Krista and baby Buddha.

Jon and baby Buddha.

A traditional candy made from grinding herbs, nuts and seeds and pressing them into a mold.  Surprisingly really good!

Marcus and two guys from.... somewhere..

In Insadong there is a tourist shopping mall outside, 3 different levels.

The parade!  It was so beautiful with over 100,000 lanterns!

Video clips of the parade (if viewing in email, click here).