Saturday, May 3, 2008

Anyone for some Gimbap?

Gimbap or Kimbap is a popular Korean "fast" food made from steamed white rice (bap) and various other ingredients, rolled in gim (sheets of dried seaweed) and served cold in bite-size slices. Gimbap is often eaten during picnics or outdoor events, or as a light lunch, served with kimchi.  

The basic ingredients of Gimbap are rice, meat or other protein-rich ingredient (fish cake, crab meat, egg or seasoned rib-eye) and a large variety of vegetables pickled, roasted or fresh.  Traditionally, the rice is lightly seasoned with salt and sesame oil.  The vegetables usually include spinach, carrots and pickled daikon.  After rolling and slicing, it can be eaten on its own or served with kimchi. 

Your basic Gimbap usually goes for W1000 ($1) and you can get many different varieties such as Kimchi Gimbap (our fav) or Tuna for W2000.

We both have a love for Gimbap and Krista has an obsession for cooking so she has decided to try making some of her own.

The chef's kitchen.

You can even catch a glimpse of a Miller Light!  (wish it was Alexander Keith's...)

So after many variations on flavor.. the winner is................ Gimbap with the garlic dill pickle!  You won't be able to find those anywhere else in Korea!

Has anyone else ever attempted to make Gimbap?