Friday, April 11, 2008

Han-gang Riverside Park

On Tuesday April 8th we took a trip late in the afternoon to Yeouinaru Station (Line 5) to visit walk along the Han River.  If you remember, this is also where we saw the international fireworks festival (click here).  On the previous weekend I had just purchased a Canon EOS Kiss X (400D/Rebel XTi) Digital SLR camera and wanted to try it out (I'm still learning....)!

There are so many things to do down at the park such as rent bikes and ride along the 30km path, swim, play basketball, dine on the river, ride ferries and fly kites!  It is a beautiful spot to relax and get away from the inner part of a bustling city.

Geumjeong Station Line 1 and 4

Here is a tiled display outside the station in Yeouinaru Station.

A close up of the cherry blossoms.

A view from the road overlooking the park and the river.  You can see the skyline of Seoul's financial district.  The grass was a little brown yet, by now everything in the park should be green (we're a month late for this post).  

Another artist's work near the main road.

The DLI (Daehan Life Insurance) building, otherwise known as Building 63 is a skyscraper on the Yeouido Island overlooking the Han River in Seoul.  It is 249m (817 feet) high and is the 3rd tallest building in South Korea.  

Another picture overlooking the river.

Can you see us?  We've turned Korean!

There are a few other restaurants down here such as Elfee and even a KFC!

Here you can have lunch or dinner on the Han River while taking in the view.

On our way back to the subway station we saw a group of guys hanging around their bikes.  We snapped a few pics of this low rider.

I wish I had one of these :) low ride scooters!

We will eventually partake in the river cruise on the ferry and post pictures.  Maybe we'll even get a chance to rent some bikes and ride along the river as well.  

Do any other readers have any stories about how you have spent some time at Han-gang Park?


Anonymous said...

woah ... its wonderful~
i love han river so much~
seoul .. my dreamland~
have more pics about han river?
by the way , thanks much for sharing~
nice day^^

Jon and Krista said...

Glad you like our photos! We don't have any others yet, but we plan on going back there to take some more day/night shots sometime soon.

Thanks for checking out our blog!