Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sailing on Lake Vermillion

A week before we left for Korea we went spent some time at Mari’s Cabin (a long time friend of Krista’s family). While we were there I was fortunate enough to have my first sailing lesson! It was a perfect afternoon to test out the Sunfish and my skill.

After a ten minute lesson I was free to sail Lake Vermillion on my own. What fun! I couldn’t tell you all the new terms I learned that afternoon, but I will tell you it was a great time! There were a few close calls but I managed not to tip over.

It was so peaceful sailing across the lake, all that was missing was a bottle of wine!

Mari's Cabin_02 [1024x768]

Mari's Cabin_03 [1024x768]

Mari's Cabin_04 [1024x768]

Later on that afternoon we took a road trip to Vermillion Falls Recreation area to check out a gorge where two rivers meet. The scenery was beautiful and the sound of rushing water was exhilarating. Too bad for all the mosquitoes, we were eaten alive!

It sure was a nice way to end off a great time in northern Minnesota.

Mari's Cabin_22 [1024x768]

Mari's Cabin_21 [1024x768]

Mari's Cabin_05 [1024x768]

Mari's Cabin_10 [1024x768]

Mari's Cabin_07 [1024x768]

Mari's Cabin_13 [1024x768]

Mari's Cabin_16 [1024x768]