Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Apartment in Korea

After arriving at Incheon Intn’l in Seoul at 5am we were greeted by a driver who helped us load up our 300+ lbs of luggage into a van and drove us to meet our new director and our new apartment.

After an hour or so drive we made it to our apartment building, or officetel as it is called here and met our director. We had to wait an hour for the building manager to arrive so the three of us went for a coffee. We got to know the director a little bit, she lived in Minnesota for a few months while studying for a semester. We learned that our new school will consist of our director, an assistant, two Korean teachers and two foreign teachers (Krista and I). I also learned that I will be the only male employee there!

We were suppose to meet the parents of some new students on the 18th, but because of the swine flu outbreak we were told to ‘rest’ in our apartment for a week to make sure we're not sick. Well.. that didn’t last long we had to venture out to get groceries and explore the area a little bit. So far we like the area we live in, it is a lot busier than where we were before. There is a major street a few blocks away where many different bus routes will take us were we want to go. The subway station and E-Mart are nearby as well.

We start 2 or 3 days of training mid next week and then begin teaching September 1st. Until the weekend, we will ‘rest’ and then on Saturday we’re off to meet up with a friend of ours for a party!

Anyway, we decided to take pictures of the apartment right away before we add some decor. It is definitely a step up from our last apartment in Korea! This time we have a loft apartment with A/C!! Surprisingly enough our apartment stays pretty cool even without it on, we could have died of heat stroke in the previous one (30C / 86F degrees in the kitchen when cooking!

Korean Apartment 01 [1024x768]

Loft area with bed and plenty of closet space.

Korean Apartment 02 [1024x768]

Korean Apartment 03 [1024x768]

Korean Apartment 04 [1024x768]

Korean Apartment 05 [1024x768]

Korean Apartment 06 [1024x768]

Korean Apartment 07 [1024x768]

We have a sink in our bathroom this time!

Korean Apartment 08 [1024x768]

So far so good, we’ll post some more pictures after we make this place look less of a jail cell :)


Unknown said...

Wow guys, the place looks great. Can hardly wait to visit

Anonymous said...

I know you posted this a long time ago, but I'm going to Seoul soon to teach also and would like an apartment like this. Mind me asking what area/complex this is in?