Tuesday, August 25, 2009

iSponge Campus – Our School

After being in Seoul for a week and going for a medical check, we finally got to have a tour of the school we will be teaching at. We are working for a franchise called iSponge, the location we are at is brand new – students are just registering for the first time there now! We will be the first native English speakers to have worked at this school, so we get to help get the place started!

The school looks amazing! Lots of bright colours, it is designed to make the children feel that they can have a lot of fun while learning. The teaching style the school employs has a lot do with learning through activities as well as regular workbook learning.

The school staff consists off one owner/principal, vice principal, secretary, two Korean-English teachers and two Native English speakers (Krista and I), and the bus driver! As it turns out, I am the only male on staff, aside from the bus driver, but he is not around often.

These last two days we have been going through lessons and role playing – pretending to teach each other. On Friday and Saturday we will have two days of training at their head office.

On Monday we will be doing some other prep work and then Tuesday is the big day. September 1st we have our first day of teaching with brand new students!

We took some pictures of the school, check it out! (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Front entrance

iSponge Campus_13edit [1024x768]

Front desk

iSponge Campus_12 [1024x768]

iSponge Campus_14 [1024x768]

iSponge Campus_02 [1024x768]

Play room

iSponge Campus_01 [1024x768]


iSponge Campus_03 [1024x768]

Classroom, same as above but different view

iSponge Campus_04 [1024x768]

Sponge room, this is used for various activities and games

iSponge Campus_05 [1024x768]


iSponge Campus_06 [1024x768]

Kids can wash their hands here before lunch and after activities

iSponge Campus_07 [1024x768]

Activity / game room

iSponge Campus_08 [1024x768]


iSponge Campus_09 [1024x768]


iSponge Campus_10 [1024x768]


iSponge Campus_11 [1024x768]

Teacher’s room – this is just a partial view

iSponge Campus_15 [1024x768]

Until next time.. after we start teaching!