Saturday, March 29, 2008

Street Food at its Best

Street food. It's everywhere. No matter the area or the back street you take, there it is... calling your name. Street food is an accentuated drive-thru, or walk-thru rather, with the ambiance of a home cooked meal.

Buying food from a street vendor is one of the best and most convenient places to get a quick snack or the midnight munchies after a night out. The foods they serve are usually good to eat while standing or wrapped to go (finger foods / food on a stick, or even in a cup). Some vendors have cheap chairs or benches to sit on while eating. Most of the vendors have carts on wheels and some of the better ones even have tarps up so that you can eat without standing in the rain. Some of the carts have natural gas tanks for the grills as well as generators for lights and other utilities.

One evening while in Gangnam (Subway Line 2) we stopped for a quick bite - meat on a stick. Be sure to check out the video below to see exactly how this vendor put together one of the best street snacks we've had yet.

The meat here has been glazed and is ready for grilling.

Delicious! As long as you have at least w500 in your pockets, you won't go hungry (for a little while anyway) on the streets in Korea. There are so many other varieties of food you can get.. more posts on this to come!

Street food video (if you are viewing by email, click here to view)