Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Pictures in Beijing - Part I

We've been behind with posts on China, these two should be the last! Random Pictures - Part I

There was a kiosk in the giagantic mall on WangFujing called Arc Station. You could put figurines of various action / cartoon figures to bring home and paint, or you could do it right in the mall! It's actually a really cool idea, you can see why a lot of Asian children become great artists.

Starbucks is taking over the world!

Bart Simpson.

Signs such as this one were around many areas in Beijing... no firecrackers!! Firecrackers are banned in the city during the year, so during the Lunar/Chinese New Year they are allowed!! Lunar New Year is also known in China as Spring Festival and from the time we got to our hotel on the 6th and left on the 10th, we heard firecrackers 24/7. From little kids to old men and women, they were being lit in the middle of the street EVERYWHERE!!
On Saturday afternoon we were in a small shop that was basically a tin can, and 15 feet outside the door it sounded like we had just crossed enemy lines..

If we have a chance to go back to Beijing and we don't hear and firecackers, we are going to think something is wrong.

We saw so many bikes in China, the crosswalk signs even had lights for bikers!!
I want one! This would be great to have in Korea, I could get up the hills a lot quicker.. and.. I could drive through red lights just like everyone else!!

Sports park lit up at night.

Decorative lights for the Lunar New Year.

Yeah for 2008, year of the Rat!

A street market on WangFujing.