Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Pictures in Beijing - Part II

Random pictures in Beijing - Part II

If you click on the picture and look closily, at the top of the hotel sign it reads 'wash the bath'.

"Reckon by time having a rest."

A public toilet sign!! If only there were more in Korea.. and one would have been useful New Year's Eve in Bangkok! Who ever heard of a Starbucks without a restroom?

This statue was outside of the major post office in Beijing, if you look people are dressed differently, in their native dress, all around the world!

More achitecture in Beijing, everything is so new and shiny!

We loved the guards!

This guy was mad that we took his picture second!

A gigantic TV and.. McDonalds! We haven't had McD's or BK since Canada/US.


Entrance into the Night Market where you can get anything from lamb kabobs to dried starfish, seahorse or scorpions on a stick! You can also get lots of "authentic" souvenirs.


Yeah for the Year of the Rat!

A house made of Pepsi Cans!

The Pepsi House wins out over the banner hands down.

A wish tree for the Spring Festival.

Looking at the Forbidden City at night, our taxi driver was awesome once he realized (with the help of some nice Beijingers) that we didn't want him to drive us to the banner nearby advertising swimming, but to the Water Cube. After this he gave us a mini scenic tour of Beijing complete with picture stops!

Bar District, time to get your drink on!

Who would have guessed that Bob Marley was popular in China? It was awesome, and so were the strong drinks and amazing jiazozi!

If you were wondering what the bathrooms were like after all of those drinks, enjoy! But please heed the sign!

It was a unisex bathroom.....

Hope you enjoy our pictures of Beijing as much as we enjoyed being there!
Xiexie, Zaijian!