Saturday, January 5, 2008

One Night in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok at 11:00pm on December 22, 2007. The Suvarnabhumi Airport was so busy with fraangs (foreigners) from all over the world, carrying designer suitcases in suits to backpackers like us! After about an hour, we took a cab to Kho San Road where our guesthouse was. We expected to find Kho San Road a backpackers haven and a wild and crazy party, and what we wanted, a cold beer, what we found was even worse!

There were elections going on in Thailand, so the day before the election and the day of the election till midnight, there was prohibition! No beer!!!! We wandered around a bit, getting hassled by tuk tuk drivers who were very anxious to take us to an all night disco. Needless to say, we were less than interested!

We stayed here at the Siam Oriental , in a purple room with ac that was mostly just an exaggerated fan, and we slept on the sheet that Krista brought, we didn't want to risk the bed bugs, we were sure would bite us!

Here is the restaurant in the lobby area, looking out at Kho San Road

Looking into the building

The nicely ac computer room the signs on the pc's say that you shouldn't put coins into the floppy drive for more minutes......duh?

Krista, ready to go?!

Outdoor mini markets, food was cooked at many of these, and the dishes were washed right there on the street in buckets of water!

For the King's 80th Birthday the city was decorated with lights.

There were pictures of the king everywhere, it was really neat seeing all of the pictures, he is very loved!

The scooters were relentless, they swerved in and out of cars sometimes with up to 4 people on them! At least this couple was both wearing helmets!

In Bangkok, we took a tuk tuk to the south departing bus terminal to get an ac bus to Hua Hin. The bus trip was horible, 4 hours of stopping and starting in the middle of nowhere to pick up people, and the ac didn't work! We reached Hua Hin and from there the real vacation started!
Stay tuned..!