Saturday, January 5, 2008

Incheon to Taipei to Bangkok - ThaiAir

Saturday December 23rd, 2007 was our departure day from Incheon Airport, South Korea to Bangkok, Thailand (with a short stop over in Taipei). We met up with two coworkers from school - David and Karen. David was headed for Thailand as well via another airline and Karen was headed to the USA. We took the local bus to downtown Sanbon area and waited for the Airport Limousine (bus) that would take us directly to the airport for 12,000w each.

Inside the bus

It was about an hour or so drive to the airport, but at least we has some comfy seats to enjoy!

Our flight was with ThaiAir, and we must say, it was probably the best flight we've ever had. First off, we met some other teachers living in South Korea that were also on their way to Thailand so the conversations we all shared with each other made the flight that much more enjoyable. Another high point was the amount of space we had in and around our seats, it was amazing!

On the way to Taipei they served us a meal - we had curry chicken and steamed rice. The drink cart came around and we had asked how much the drinks were, the flight attendant said they were complimentary (we looked at each other with our mouths slightly open). You can't get that kind of service in Canada or the US (at least not in economy seating)! We were given the choice of red or white wine, in addition to the other alcoholic beverages such has gin, vodka, whiskey and beer.

The dessert looked like s rice/sponge cake similar to those we've had in Korea, however, after one bite we were in love... kind of like a vanilla cake, with a marshmallow layer and a thin heart chocolate on top... delicious!

The second meal was either rice and fish or, as I chose, chicken and pasta. The dessert was equally delicious. This meal was served on the second half of the flight, after taking off from Taipei bound for Bangkok.

Oh, and did we mentioned the served us Cognac as well??

Finally at approximately 11:10pm local time, we arrived in Bangkok.