Saturday, January 12, 2008

Khao Takiap, Hua Hin, Thailand

One early morning we took a taxi to Khao Takiap with Eva to see a temple and some evil monkies, the temple is even referred to sometimes as Monkey Mountain. When we arrived, Eva was carrying a plastic bag, as she was walking a monkey jumped off the back of a truck and grabbed on to the bag and started knawing at it!

Khao Takiab can be written several ways in English: Khao Takiab, Kao Takiab, Khao Takiap, Kao Takiap, Takiep, Takieb etc. The name actually means "Chopstick Hill."

They remind me of the evil monkey on Family Guy.

As you look through the pictures, see how many monkies you can spot!

A great view from the top of the temple. That is looking towards Hua Hin.

Krista striking a pose.

A local fishing village. All of the fisherman fish at night, so the boats are in the harbor during the day, and at night the Gulf of Thailand is littered with fishing boats! The boats are really colorful, they all have the flag of Thailand, the flag for the King and their own family flag!

Here is a map of Hua Hin that shows the Baan Resort and Khao Takiap southeast.

Here is a great area map of Hua Hin from this website.

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