Tuesday, July 8, 2008

JangBi Restaurant in Daejeon

Back in May we originally had our trip to Geomundo/Baekdo trip booked, as mentioned in a previous post, it was cancelled due to weather. Seeing as we had our bags packed, we decided to hop on the KTX train south to Daejeon. While there we came across a restaurant called Jang Bi - a Korean BBQ style restaurant. This place was so delicious... in fact after eating there on a Saturday night we went back late Sunday afternoon.

The first night there was Jon, Krista, Stephanie and Martha (who lived in Daejeon at the time). This time we've got some video, so less type more talk.

Stephanie and Krista

This place was not only delicious, but cheap! 12,000W ($12) for a large plate of meat and sides for all of us. While writing this blog we looked at the website and found a franchise in Anyang which is close to where we live.... :)

You may remember Krista from such films as How to Use Chopsticks 101 and Homemade Kimbap. Here is a video of Krista grillin' out at Jang Bi. There's also been talk of a Cookin' With Krista series coming out.. maybe.. stay tuned.

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