Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Bungalow - Itaewon

On a Sunday afternoon we went to Itaewon to hang out and meet up with a friend of ours for a drink. One of the places we stopped off at was The Bungalow, a 3 story bar with a nice tropical atmosphere. There are low wooden tables and chairs sunken in to a floor covered in soft sand. There are open areas, patios, and semi private rooms for your pleasure. There serve a variety of imported beers and snacks as well. If you're in the Itaewon area and are looking for a mellow place to hang, definitely check this place out.

Location The Bungalow is located in Itaewon in the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel.

Subway Directions Take subway Line #6 to Itaewon Station and take Exit #2 and walk straight until the first light. Take a left and walk about 20 meters to the first alley. Go left and you will find Bungalow located on your right.

A very nice bar atmosphere and good drinks, although you have to order drinks based on what floor you're on. Drinks are a bit pricey but worth it! :)

The night that we were there, they had an ongoing History of Rock concert. That night we got the 70's show and Krista was in heaven listening to Pink Floyd and Janis Joplin!
We will definitely go back and look forward to seeing you there!


Rayee said...

I've been to this place before it's cool isn't it!!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Hey! I am in your photography class. I came across your blog when looking for the "bungalow" bar. I will have to check out your blog.
What a small world though hey?!

We have some of our photos on our blog by the by :)

See ya!

Taylor said...

Hey! Was looking for info about this place for a friend and came across your blog. Thanks! This place is neat AND their wine portions are generous :)