Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We’re in Canada!

Ok so we’ve been in Canada for quite sometime now, this post has been a long time coming. We departed from Seoul on September 3rd for Chicago to attend a friend’s wedding, it was an awesome wedding too! On the 6th I flew home to Regina to start a new job. Krista flew to Minnesota to spend time with family and friends for a month and a half.

Before we left Korea, Krista’s immigration paperwork was approved to land in Canada and become a permanent resident. On October 12th she crossed the border and received the final stamp of approval! Congratulations to Canada’s newest Permanent Resident! (also a shout out to Josh, Matt and Pete, we’ve all imported an American girl Winking smile)

Things have been great in Canada so far, we’ve got a little bit of snow but the temperature has been decent. We have only been home a little while but we greatly miss our friends and students in Seoul. There are plenty of blog posts I need to catch up on, I think the stories and photos will be a wonderful reminder of the amazing year we had overseas.

Stay tuned!