Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Krista and Dano!!

Happy Birthday Krista and Danielle!!

I just want to let everyone know that on this day, February 17th 19XX two blonde little girls were born.

I guess Krista is about 15hrs older than she really is or wants to be, but when we return to North America she will gain those precious youth hours back (She’ll take as many hours as she can get ;)

Please wish these too young ladies a very happy birthday. I hope you both have a wonderful day!

Dano Krista 03

Krista and Danielle on their birthday 2009

Dano Krista 02

Krista and Danielle in Minneapolis summer 2009

Jon, Krista, Dano, Todd

Jon, Krista, Danielle and Todd

Krista, Momma, Dano

Krista, Momma and Danielle Feb 2009

Krista prepared a special birthday video for just for you Dano, with the help of her students at iSponge English, take a look! (If you’re viewing from email, click here to view the YouTube video)


LacyHolly said...

That video is so cute! :) Looks like you have fun with the kids!