Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Food on Maui

One of the first places we ate in Maui was at Cheeseburger in Paradise. This place has the hype of a great cheeseburger joint with all the fixings. It had a decent atmosphere to it as we sat next to the window overlooking the water. This place is always packed!

Maui Food_01 (Medium)

IMG_0622 (Medium)

Instead of ordering a huge meal, we ordered mini burgers and onion rings. The onion rings were great, but the burgers were mediocre at best. For all the hype this place had, you could get a better burger elsewhere for less.

Maui Food_03 (Medium)

Mmmmmm big crispy onion rings :)

Maui Food_04 (Medium)

One of the other places we ate at was Lahaina Grille and Oyster Bar. This place had an upscale atmosphere to it and on some nights it turns in to a night club open til late.

Maui Food_15 (Medium)

We ordered a bottle of Prosecco to go with our meal.

Maui Food_06 (Medium)

California roll appetizer.

Maui Food_07 (Medium)

Fresh oysters from the oyster bar.

Maui Food_10 (Medium)

Maui Food_09 (Medium)

Mahi Mahi with lobster skewers and mango rice.

Maui Food_11 (Medium)

Roast Chicken.

Maui Food_12 (Medium)

Cheese steak sandwich.

Maui Food_13 (Medium)

The oysters took forever to get to our table so we had a chocolate brownie on the house!

Maui Food_14 (Medium)

We love our chocolate brownies, but we sure miss the food back in Korea!!